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United Biosciences P/L is an Australian owned company which commenced trading in 1999 to provide medical and diagnostic products to hospitals and those involved in the laboratory and research field in Queensland.

Today, United Biosciences supplies hospitals and industry Australia wide and is committed to customer services and the supply of quality products that meet all our customer expectations. We are continuously seeking new ways and ideas to improve our products and to maintain our reputation as an innovative supplier.



Freezer Racks 81 place

Cat. Ref.: UB3255

Clearance $25.00



Slide File Storage System

Cat. Ref.: UB19279.5

Clearance $15.00



Protection is the key!16.10.2014

The new pandemic protection kit (PPP) must be used in all suspected cases of infectious diseases where personal protection is a significant issue.


Paying too much for imported reagents! 08.08.2014

Our all new Australian made GCT-Conditioned Medium (Giant Cell Conditioned  Medium) will greatly improve cell growth and morphology in human, mouse and rabbit bone marrows by exposing these